Terms and conditions


The material will be provided against notification of order provided by the Customer, that will be considered, at all time, a contract of sale. The above-mentioned contract of sale (from now onwards called “order”) is subject to the current General Conditions and it will be valid only when both parties (Customer and Supplier) have signed it. In the above-mentioned order the Customer should indicate the Supplier details in order to simply its execution, and avoid confusion. Adjusting to the units eradicated by the Supplier as packing capacity is concerned will make delivery faster.


All the material indicated in this catalogue or price list can be delivered, essentially within 2 working days. However to this should be excluded the special orders and/or quantities and/or cases when material is temporary not available or sold out. It is preferable to consult the Supplier before completing the notification of order. The Supplier will make an effort to carefully fulfill the previously agreed delivery terms or those that can be agreed in the notification of order.


The prices indicated in the price list refer to the materials deposited in the Supplier warehouse including packing and exclusive of taxes. The Supplier is authorized to change the prices of later price lists editions, giving notice no later than 3 weeks in advance. Special prices and/or discounts shall be agreed before starting collaboration or delivery.


Payment must be made by bank transfer to Supplier account only. Payment conditions must be agreed before starting collaboration or delivery. In all sales paid in advance there will be a discount of 2 % to be calculated on the invoice amount. If payment has not been made by the payment deadline specified, the Customer is immediatly liable to pay the Supplier interest 12% per year. For the purposes of calculating the interest, partial months are counted as full months.


When a price is paid in advance the property of material will be transferred at the same time as the delivery of the goods in case of postponed payment property rights will be transfered once the total price of goods is paid.


Customer shall notify Supplier of apparent defects in writing without undue delay, but in any case within seven days after delivery. Non-apparent defects shall be notified in writing without undue delay after such defects have been detected. At the discretion of Supplier, Supplier shall repair defective goods or deliver new Products without defects or compensate the price of defected goods. The Customer shall support Supplier in finding and remedying defects. Additionally, the Customer shall grant access to any documentation which could give more details about the defect. If Supplier is not willing or unable to rectify the defect or compensate the price of defected goods, especially if rectification is delayed inappropriately for reasons for which Supplier is responsible, or if the rectification fails, the Customer shall be entitled to rescind the contract or to reduce the price as provided by statutory law. A failure to rectify the defect may only be assumed after two attempts to rectify have failed. Customer shall, upon agreement with Supplier, grant Supplier the time and opportunity for repair or replacement deliveries as Supplier considers necessary. Otherwise, Supplier shall be released from any liability for consequences resulting from such failure.


The material of the Supplier is destined for professionals. Which suppose these products correspond to their needs. Mentioned products are quarantied against faults of fabricated during a term of 3 years after the delivery date of the goods. This warranty does not secure at all faults because of a bad use of the material and it explicitly limited to the reparation or replacement of the material recognized defective exclusive of any other expenses. The products included in the current catalogue-price-list can be modified in every moment without preceding notice. Consequently the indications referring to the products as the photographs are only indicative and will never be an obligation for the Supplier.


The sold products meet all the requirements of the Lithuanian legislation and the EU applied to the these products. Consequent the Customer only is responsible for any injury or damage to persons or things caused by the use or bad of the materials including besides the claims to impose fines misery and sanctions of any other type that the Customer brings on itself as a consequence of connections with third parties creatures or public institutions, being founded on the non-conformity of the mechanism to legal or governmental equations of any type.


The Customer is explicitly prohibited to remove totally or partly apply new brands or to change in any other way the brands of the supplied material emblems or other distinguishing signs attached in any way to the products at the moment of delivery by the Supplier.


The agreements from these General Canditions cannot be modified nor resolute verbally nor the assumption of obligations or the resignation of rights can be agreed by word, but should exclusively be agreed in writing by which mentioned modification resoliution, assumption or resignation should be provided.


Lithuanian law shall apply exclusively. Exclusive court of venue shall be the place of business of Supplier. Supplier may, however, file suit at any court which has jurisdiction for Customer.